At home spray tan: how to get high quality and inexpensive?

Modern girls, who are used to watching their looks, know how dangerous ultraviolet light can be. When going to the tanning salon or to the beach, it’s necessary to take more than one sun-care product, and after the session it’s better not to lose vigilance – to restore the balance of moisture and microelements in the cells, additional nutrition and moisturizing is required. However, it’s possible to replace all that with just one trip to the studio!

Instant tan will solve all the problems, covering the skin with a golden-bronze hue and giving it a healthy and radiant look. And the most thoughtful will be able to repeat the procedure at home as well, especially since the range of professional tanning agents allows you to pick up a product for both beginners and experienced users.

Home spray tan: panacea or deceived expectations?

Many people are accustomed to thinking that self-tanner is unsightly orange stripes all over the body, which over time resemble dirty streaks. Of course, buying cosmetics on the nearby market, you can get this effect, because its composition is more like a mix of cheap dyes and preservatives.

However, with professional bronzers all is different: in most cases, the active ingredients do not just stain the skin, and react with melanin – the pigment contained in the cells and causes a natural tan.

The effect after visiting the studio is immediate. As soon as the beautician applies the selected product on the skin, it gradually begins to fill with gold and acquire the desired attractiveness. To make the cosmetics better absorbed, the master may dry the skin with a hair dryer. Don’t worry if the color seems too pale – many professional products last up to 10 hours, so there’s still time!

The result is an instant, perfectly even tan with natural transitions and a perfectly lively tone. In addition, the skin during this time will be saturated with plant extracts and vitamins contained in the spray tan, which means the skin will look fresh and radiant.

Instant home spray tan

Of course, it is always pleasant and useful to use the services of professionals in the field of beauty, but the lack of free time and finances often makes postpone the procedure for a long time. But what if you want to look stunning right now? There is a solution! Professional cosmetics for artificial tanning are so easy to use that they can be used even by those who for the first time are holding the desired bottle.

Choosing proven means from world brands, you are guaranteed a reference result at home which will be indistinguishable from the salon service or natural tan obtained at the beach or in a tanning salon. If you have browsed through the catalog of self-tanners, you can choose the only product that will allow you to forget about the pale skin, tired appearance and unsightly circles under the eyes forever.

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