Interesting facts about the Templars

Interesting facts about the Templars will touch on many different areas of their activity. Many books have been written about them and a number of feature films and documentaries have mentioned them. Today people often do not fully understand what the Templars really were and what their mission was.

So, here are the most interesting facts about the Templars.

14 interesting facts about the Templars
Knights Templar – spiritual – chivalric order, founded in the Holy Land in 1119 by a small group of knights, led by Hugo de Paine, after the First Crusade (1096-1099).
At its dawn, the Order of the Templars numbered some 20,000 men. Most of its members were warriors who reported to the Grand Master, who made the most important decisions.
The Templars wore a white tunic with a red cross, which distinguished them from members of other Orders. Curiously enough, the white garment symbolized the purity of the warrior, and the red cross – the readiness to die with honor on the battlefield.
In the 12-13 centuries, the Order was fabulously rich, owning vast territories in many different states. It was patronized by the Pope, at whom the Templars were in direct subordination.

An interesting fact is that in translation from the French, the word “templiers” literally means “templars.
The Templars were often the chief defenders of the various states formed by the Crusaders in the East. The primary goal specified in its formation was the protection of pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land.
To secure the pilgrims’ way, the knights built many castles, fortifications and other structures in Europe. Some of them still stand in place today.
Did you know that the Templar Order is the second oldest of all the religious-military orders (about 20 years after the Hospitallers)?
It was not easy to join the Templars. Those wishing to join had to earn the attention and trust of one of the Templar leaders. At the same time, a person had to strictly observe all the rules and regulations of the Order.
The Muslims drove the Crusaders out of Palestine in 1291, which led the Templars to engage in financial services and trade. They were able to amass a huge fortune, which caused them to have difficult property relations with monarchs and the Pope.
Templars were required to take a vow of celibacy and to have no relations with women.
When they died, many Templars bequeathed all their possessions to the Order, so the Order possessed fabulous wealth before it collapsed.
Between 1307 and 1314, the Templars began to be imprisoned, tortured, and executed at the behest of the French monarch Philip IV and influential landowners of the Catholic Church. Eventually, in 1312. The order was abolished by a decision of Pope Clement V.
Philip IV took this step because he did not want to pay back large debts to the Templars. It was much easier for him to get rid of the Templars by accusing them of blasphemy.

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